Forgotten may be the wrong word when talking about the EB110. Everyone is fully aware of the EB110 and its performance capabilities. The quad-turbo V12 monster was built in the early 1990s and was ready to take on the mantel of world's fastest production car. Unfortunately the boys over at McLaren with some help from a small company in Germany - BMW, you've probably never heard of them - had other plans.

So the EB110 was briefly in the spotlight and then was forced to retreat immediately after its conception. Several of its technological advances, such as its completely carbon fiber chassis, were quickly overshadowed. The EB110 faded into history and Bugatti's ownership changed hands over to VW. But the EB110 was never really forgotten, it was just simply never acknowledged. It was the middle child, always there and doing a damn good job, but overlooked. Now, for the first time it has been recognized by its parent, no pun intended, company with the Centodieci.

The Centordieci, and I'll let you pronounce that however you want, was created with the EB110 in mind. It doesn't attempt to recreate the original, but pay tribute to its legacy. The Chiron-derived hypercar uses the same engine as the Chiron, because why would they need to make a new one when they have that powerhouse just laying around, but it has been tuned to produce about 1,600 horsepower.

There will only be 10 units produced and each will set you back about $9 million. Centrodieci itself roughly translated to 110, to represent the 110 that have passed since Bugatti first started making cars. The EB110 used the moniker to celebrate the 110th birthday of Ettore Bugatti.

Commenting on why the EB110 has been overlooked, Bugatti CEO Stephan Winkelmann said, "I think there was a sense within the VW Group that that period doesn't fit with the narrative, that it confused the story so it was just easier not to talk about it."

In this respect, I understand why the EB110 was mostly left out of the Bugatti story since its been under VW ownership. Bugatti has changed several hands in its history and has been manufacturing cars in several different locations. VW wanted to start its own narrative with the company, and did so with the first Veyron. Regardless, the Centrodieci is a beautifully crafted thing. Styling ques from the EB110 are visible across the exterior including a smaller horseshoe grille, horizontal vents in the front bumper and the EB110's defining five-hole intakes in the upper rear quarters.

As for the specifics of the powertrain, the W18 will still have all four turbos but will now put out 1,578 horsepower but still retain the Chiron's 0-60 mph time of 2.4 seconds. Winkelmann didn't delve into specifics when it came to where the extra 100 horsepower came from, but he did say, "you wouldn't believe how difficult and expensive it is to get that extra 100 horsepower."

The EB110 has always been in the back of the collective enthusiast's conscious. Everyone has been well aware of its presence and capabilities, but the McLaren F1 stole all of the romance from it somehow. Maybe the story of a BMW powed McLaren hypercar with an engine bay lined with gold is more a luring than the singular powerhouse produced from a small French car manufacturer. Whatever the case may be, its good to see a part of automotive history getting some well deserved recognition.