We all knew this day would come. The Beetle represents a by-gone era of automotive ideology. When it was first introduced in the 1960's and 70's, American buyers were swooned by its cutesy styling and fuel efficiency. Everyone almost completely forgot that the Beetle was created as a solution for economic strife in Germany after WW1 by who would become one of the tyrannical men in modern history. But hey we got Herbie and beach buggies out of it. Unfortunately like the 60's and 70's, the good times were not to last and the last Beetle has rolled off the production line in Volkswagen's plant in Mexico. The same plant will be repurposed to build SUVs for the American market.

The latest iteration of the Beetle didn't set the world on fire like the first, known as the Type 1. However it did represent the same ideas that Volkswagen had helped establish way back when it first introduced the Beetle to the American market. It had the same innocent, bubbly design language and capitalized on people who wanted something different from everything else on the road. With different editions like the Dune and Coast Edition Volkswagen paid tribute to their free-spirited history.

The last Beetle to roll out of the factory has appropriately named Denim Blue paint and classically styled wheels with whitewall inserts. The last Beetle won't be sold like all the others, and instead be displayed at the Volkswagen Puebla Museum in Mexico.

Not everyone liked the Beetle but it represented a human side of Volkswagen. Amidst its darker heritage and diesel crisis, the Beetle stood as a symbol of something simpler and more freeing in Volkswagen's DNA. The Beetle will be missed but with new models coming into production like the ID Buzz that capitalize on nostalgia while looking into the future, we can certainly guess that the Beetle will make a triumphant return as an EV.